31 May 2008

Running in the summertime

Today was the first day since last year that I've done a long run on a pretty hot day. I'd forgotten all of the fun things that come along with running when it's hot and humid:
- you've got enough salt on you to resupply the Atlantic Ocean
- you're chafed in places you didn't even know existed
- you've got bugs stuck all over you (kind of like a car windshield)
- it looks like you've been swimming, not running
- and your running clothes weigh almost as much as you do by the time you're done
Oh how I've missed summer running!

But overall, today's run was really good. I did a little more than 17 miles, definitely straying waaayy out of my zone 2, staying mostly in zone 3. I wanted to finish before it got dark out. I got a later start than I had planned because I got caught up doing homework - started running at 10:45 rather than 7:30 :) The whole time I was running, there were these really ominous clouds off in the distance that kept creeping closer and closer. The undersides of the leaves were showing too when the wind kicked up (I feel like they do that whenever a storm is coming, or maybe that's the only time I pay attention to it). It started to thunder just a bit when I looped by home at mile 14 and I considered going inside but decided to stay out and do another loop close to home so I could jump inside if it really started to thunder and lightening. I managed to get 17 miles in before I called it quits. Good timing too, not too long after it started pouring buckets.
I'm a little sore, definitely tired, but feeling pretty good (and hungry!) This was probably the longest run I'd done since Boston and it felt great! I have the Mooseman 1/2 Ironman up in New Hampshire next weekend. I feel ready for it, just have a few last minute things to pick up - waterbottle holders for the back of my bikeseat, a *much* larger bento box for all of the food I plan on eating (I saw Karen's bento box a few weeks ago and currently have a bad case of bento box envy - you could fit lunch AND dinner in the thing!) and maybe a neoprene cap for the swim, it's supposed to be chilly and I don't want an ice cream headache - bad way to start off a race!

29 May 2008

That's why you swim first, not last!

People have asked me why we do the swim part of the triathlon first, not second or third. Tonight I figured out exactly why... because it if was last, we would all die. Those people in the kayaks would be fishing triathletes out of the water right and left. I went to the evening swim today rather than the morning swim (thanks very much to 2am paper writing). The swim was after speedwork on the bike and my feet and legs cramped up so many times during the swim it wasn't even funny. And this is why the swim is first, not last, in a triathlon - so your legs aren't tired and prone to cramps :) Any suggestions for fixing the cramping in the legs problem? Am I not eating enough bananas?