06 December 2008

A little vacation from blogging

I've been having issues trying to log into blogger and been too lazy over the past FOUR months to try to fix it. Until tonight. Even though I should be going to bed because it is late, I decided I wanted to fix the thing because I had alot of good races and training that I wanted to talk about! AND I'm going to be done with the school semester in just a few days so I'll actually have TIME to post! But I will say this - the second half of my season (basically post-Mooseman and Colonial beach (where I had the slowest swim time in my age group, boo)) went really well, so much better than expected. I raced the Savageman 1/2 in September and the Army 10 Miler in October and did the full iron distance Beach2Battleship in November. Will write race reports soon, they are long overdue.