04 March 2010

Gunshots on the evening commute

So, we'll start with the most interesting news first, well, the two pieces of the most interesting news. Yesterday I was notified that I my application for a Presidential Management Fellow slot was rejected. FAIL. I was disappointed, I figured I had a decent shot and I've always wanted to work for the government. But I suppose a security clearance, 6+ years of work experience, international work, and a 3.9 GPA is insufficient. Oh well. And I'm actually quite happy in my current job and in the upcoming months I should have some really interesting projects coming up.
I was kind of mopey yesterday, but it's not the end of the world and there are worse things out there than a PMF rejection. I got into work late this morning because I did both my swim and my run this morning. My father-in-law arrived in town on a red eye flight for work, and I had a chance to see him before I headed into the office. Because I arrived late, I stayed later than usual, leaving the office around 6:25. Caught the metro like usual, took it one stop to the Pentagon where I catch my bus to get home. I strategically get on the metro so I get off close to the escalator and can get up to the bus station as quick as possible, so I don't miss a bus. When you're waiting for the bus, people informally stand in a line. Today I was first, quite happy about that since I have a favorite seat I like to sit in on the bus and I was guaranteed to get that seat today. And it was a short wait, the bus pulled up about three minutes later and I was first in line. Got on the bus and as I was walking back to my seat, I suddenly hear the bus drive yell "Get down, Get down" and he starts shutting the door and people outside start running and ducking. My first thought was that ice must be falling from the bus station roof - no idea why I thought that, there's no ice anywhere in DC except on the bike path. Then I noticed everyone on the inside of the bus was getting down. And then I heard the gunshots. So strange - everyone was so calm on the bus - we just quietly threw ourselves down on the floor and the driver took off. Everyone outside was running and within moments police were swarming everywhere.
Well, now the PMF rejection doesn't seem like such a big deal. It's all about perspective. And I think I'll bike commuting to work in the near future.

Speaking of biking (and swimming and running) - this week has been quite good workout-wise. Going hard when I have to go hard, and taking it easy during the easy workouts and sets within workouts. The swim kicked my butt today, but my easy run was actually a run in Z1 - I never manage to keep my heart rate in Z1 when I'm running, so I think this is progress we are seeing. Need to check what my workout is for tomorrow morning. And speaking of that, I should probably get to bed.


KevInDC said...

Glad you're ok.

I've been run-commuting. Safer. Happier.

Caroline said...

I think I'm going to join you on the run-commuting train rather than the Metro train! Better for you in every single way!
Hope your running is going well! Yes, solidarity regarding the PMF. I was disappointed that I didn't get it, but I was PISSED that you didn't - you're an extremely well-rounded individual with loads more real-world experience than many of the law students that were chosen.