07 April 2011

I almost cracked tonight

I almost cracked tonight - I was [this close] to having grape nuts and toast for dinner tonight. Or, worse, walking to CVS and getting a package of Kraft Mac and Cheese. It was late, I was only cooking for one, and in a sick and disgusting way, mac and cheese actually sounded appealing. I haven't had it in about a year. Fortunately, I gave myself a mental smack to remind myself that I would likely feel disgusting if I ate a whole box of mac and cheese (which I would do since I have little self control).

So, instead, I had homemade pizza with lots of vegetables and a big glass of water.

I think I may have finally put my unhealthy, college dorm-style eating habits to rest for good. THANK GOODNESS.

In other news, my dog has been busying himself with eating potpourri this evening. The cats gracefully knocked over a glass of festive potpourri and I thought I managed to pick up most of it, but apparently not. Thank goodness Mark gets home from his business trip tomorrow - I'm not sure how much longer I can handle being outnumbered 3:1 by the animals. As I write this, Bissell is dumpster diving in the garbage disposal... and I'm not even going to waste my energy trying to intervene, I just don't care anymore.


tri-ing races not cases said...

Have you tried Trader Joe's gluten free Mac and cheese? Tastes almost like Kraft's but slightly less neon and I kid myself that it is somewhat more healthy :)

Caroline said...

Ohhhh - I think I might have to try that, thanks for the recommendation Bethany! I hope you are doing well - looking forward to seeing you and Kate this weekend at Rumpass!