30 July 2011

Ironman: The Aftermath

To say I've enjoyed my recovery to the fullest would be... well, an understatement. In the week since the event, I've managed to go to bed before midnight exactly once. I've indulged in doughnuts, hunks of cheese, baked cheese wrapped in pastry dough, beer, oreo cake smothered in homemade frosting. I'm almost done with the one pound bar of chocolate that I opened 4 days ago. I ate a huge, HUGE ice cream cone at Ben and Jerrys. I've done nothing athletic, save the 30 minute ride I did on the trainer this morning. I just finished a gigantic bowl of cold potato soup (main ingredient - milk and heavy cream). And I'm on my way to get frozen yogurt. On the car ride home from Lake Placid/Burlington, as I was polishing off a bag of Skittles and some orange soda, I said to Mark "I don't know how long I can eat and drink like this." Well, apparently I can do it for least a week. Like anything out of the ordinary, it can take a little while to get adjusted. And... I'm adjusted. This food binge hasn't been quite as epic as last year's post-Ironman tour of Italian food and culture (a record 5lb weight gain in a matter of days), but it has still been fun.

Tomorrow we're supposedly going on a bike ride (if I go to bed before midnight and wake up before 8am). And Monday I'm going to start bike commuting again (getting boxed in by tourists on the metro escalator, waiting 20 minutes for a train, and then getting cropdusted on the bus Friday afternoon was enough to make me remember why I bike commute in the first place). It's back on the wagon next week - otherwise I don't know if I'll ever find the wagon!

My Thursday night project and weekend breakfast-lunch-dinner

Which is the tougher endurance event? Ironman or eating a pound of chocolate?

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