11 November 2011

Random Friday Facts

So, I've been meaning to do a Random Friday Facts blogpost for awhile, courtesy of Katie's blog, and while I don't think mine will be half as amusing as hers are, I'm giving it a shot.

1) I put together surveys for a living but I absolutely refuse to take any surveys myself.

2) Our two cats are named after vacuum cleaners - Hoover and Bissell. My dad's nickname for me when I was a kid was Hoover and yes this was well before I was training for Ironmans.

3) I don't talk much when I'm driving - I can't multi-task like that.

4) I've always prided myself in being someone who doesn't drink coffee. Then my husband discovered how to make amazing pumpkin lattes on his espresso maker and I've now become a "recreational" coffee drinker.

5) I always thought "espresso" was actually spelled (and said) as "expresso." I learned the correct spelling about three months ago. Which is sad because I hate misspelled words.

6) Even though being 30 hasn't actually been that bad, I still don't like it.

7) I've recently rediscovered a great love for Grape Nuts.

8) If you'd asked me three weeks ago whether or not I saw myself running any races this offseason, you would've gotten an emphatic NO. Nowwww, I think I'm changing my mind...

9) I love reading well-written, witty blogs.

10) It's my favorite time of year - stores are stocking peppermint flavored ice cream.

11) When my mom was my age, she had a 7-year old and a two year old. I don't know how she did it - I can barely get myself dressed and out the door in one piece on a daily basis.

12) I really like my job. This is the first job that I've had that I truly enjoy the work.

13) As of today, I will have baked 6 pies this week (4 apple and 2 chicken pot pies). No, I did not eat them all myself; I bribe my neighbors with baked goods.

14) Seven years ago today, my husband and I were introduced - we had our first date seven years ago tomorrow.


JV said...

Yummy on the pies!Thanks for your sentiments on my race :-) Have you planned anything for 2012? R u considering Ironman!? Enjoy the off season and go for a run race! Hope to see you at a TRI in 2012

Katie said...

tell me more about these off season races!

Caroline said...

@Jamie - I'm signed up for Placid 2012 and 70.3 Worlds. I'm also planning on a few halfs that are driveable (Quassy, Kinetic). This year was the year of dream races, that's for sure. Next year will have to be a bit more budget friendly. What races besides Kona do you have on your list?? Would love to see you at a race!

@Katie - there's the obligatory Turkey Trot and perhaps a 5K with bells on at Christmastime. But I had a GIANT urge to do a half marathon. What about you??