16 November 2012

Does ANYONE else feel like this??

I did my last triathlon of 2012 about a month ago and entered the off-season effective immediately.  It has been about four weeks of not following a schedule - and with the mornings being chilly and me being lazy, not following a schedule has translated into a whole lot of NOTHING going on athletic-wise.  Where are my running shoes?  Somewhere, I haven't worn them since Monday.  And my bike?  Still sitting on the trainer from the ONE TIME in the past four weeks that I decided to ride it for 30 minutes.  I don't even know where my swim punch card is - and I haven't visited the pool since the first week of October.  Or maybe it was the last week of September.  Should I be worried that I will never get back into the swing of things?  I'm trying to think back to previous off-seasons and I'm pretty sure this is the laziest one yet.  Sometimes I find myself wondering, how exactly did I train for an Ironman?  With what time?  Now I'm too busy checking my email and Twitter 500 times before I roll out of bed just a leeetle too late to go out for a run before work.  Oops.  It doesn't help that it's cold outside.  And dark.  Nothing says stay curled up in bed like the chilly and dark outdoors.  Warm and humid summer mornings seem like eons ago - was it really only three months ago that I was getting on my bike at 4:50am and watching the sun rise over the monuments as I biked across the 14th Street Bridge to the pool for Hain's Point Morning Masters?  And then, post-swim, biked to work in my bathing suit and shorts because the weather was warm and perfect?

My "A" races for 2013 are months - MONTHS - away, leaving me with plenty of time to find my mojo, or whatever it is I seemed to have misplaced, and get back into training.  Without a set, near-term goal, it's pretty easy to hit snooze just one more time or say I can just do my run tomorrow instead.  Until you wake up and realize that you just went through a whole month of tomorrows without touching your running shoes.

I guess what it boils down to is that I feel a bit lost without the structure of a schedule.  But not bothered enough by this "lost" feeling to actually do anything about it because I've simultaneously become super lazy.  Lost and lazy, could there be a better combination?  If I don't reappear when the 2013 season starts, I suggest looking for me in my bed surrounded by chocolate chips, cans of frosting, with my running shoes/bike shoes/swimsuit nowhere in sight.  Please give me a gentle reminder that chocolate chips and frosting do not equal PRs and when it comes to that stuff, there is no such thing as the best of both worlds.  The countdown begins to "suck it up, princess, o'clock."


Katie said...

Don't worry, little muffin, I'll come get you in the spring when it's time.

Beth said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one.lazy inertia is so hard to overcome!!