27 May 2013

Lots of Stuff

There are so many things I could write about.

Today is Memorial Day and while I've been lucky that all of my friends who have served in the military  have all been fine, but of course they still deserve recognition for the time away from their families and serving in dangerous parts of the world. So thank you to everyone who served, but especially Erin, Ashley, and Katie.

I could also write about how awesome it is to have a swim buddy. Since last fall, Kendra and I have been swimming together on a regular basis. We're very close to the same speed and while the social kick aspects of our swim practice is good for the soul, the competitive drive to touch the wall first is good for our swim progress. On Friday and Saturday, we swam so hard it felt like our legs and arms were going to fall off and we swam some of our fastest 100s to date. We hung on the wall, gasping for breath between sets, feeling like we were having a breakthrough of sorts with our swim. It was amazing. During the swim sets, we were swimming side by side, sometimes I'd pull ahead but then Kendra would come flying back with a great finishing kick and it was a race for the wall. We both made each other work much harder than we would've if we were swimming solo. And THAT is the benefit of a good swim buddy.

I could write about how Memorial Day weekend 2012 was my first training weekend with a group of girls who have since become some of the best friends/training buddies/partners-in-cupcake eating a girl could ask for! This weekend didn't involve bike riding on Skyline - instead we ate brownies, pie, and more brownies to christen Mindy's new backyard patio - but I am so grateful to have such great girlfriends in my life. I love Sarah's laughter as she tells a story; I miss Katie living just down the street, but her texts and emails never fail to crack me up; and I love that when Mindy brings dessert to a potluck, there is always a bite or two missing (taste-testing, heehee).

I could write about how I finally, finally, FINALLY got a sports massage this weekend. OMG it was amazing. AMAZING (well, a little painful, but the result was amazing). For months, my neck and left upper back have been stiff, sore, and cramped - I breathe to my right when I swim and that repetitive motion has scrunched up my muscle. I went to FitPro Massage and I'm now fully convinced I need to have a massage more regularly - my muscles felt so much better after they were worked on. I'm making an effort to put recovery at the top of my priority list and this is a good start.


Running Librarian said...

It is always great hanging out with friends and getting your workout in :) It makes it much more fun than working out solo.. :)

bradleyd3 said...

Yes....massage and chiro visits are a HUGE part of a training plan. I've always heard this but until 2 months ago in the heavy part of IM training, I had not gone. I was a whole new person.

Start working that in to your rest/recovery days. Once ever 7-10 days. It's the best....menatlly and physically.

Katie said...

It was windy as crap out here, so it's a good thing you didn't come out to do Skyline.

So jealous that you have a swim buddy at a similiar pace! That would make swimming so MUCH more enjoyable :)