02 June 2008

The Cat Likes Carbs!

So last night my husband went to the grocery store and found... taadaa- Kings Hawaiian Bread!!! Allie, Jackie, Stephanie - I know that you are all green with envy right now :) We ate a gazillion loaves of this bread last year when we were in Hawaii on vacation. So anyways, my husband brings the bread home and sets it on top of the microwave. Fortunately I was there to alert him to the fact that it was not the safest place for the bread. You see, our cat Bissell is a FREAK for carbs. He stole my lunch sandwiches all of the time in the mornings until I got smart and put them in the refrigerator until I was ready to leave for work. I've caught him dragging a loaf of challah bread around the apartment. So I just had a feeling that if the Hawaiian bread was left unattended on the counter, we would wake up to an empty tin full of crumbs the next morning. Actually, I take that back, there would be no crumbs; the tin would be licked clean (there is a reason why our cat is named after a vacuum cleaner). Long story short, we put the tin of bread on top of the fridge instead - the cats have yet to figure out a way to get up there.
So this afternoon, we broke open the bread for a snack after work. Bissell didn't disappoint, he did his best to steal a slice:

And then he gave me his best "mad face" when I took the bread out of his reach:

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