01 June 2008


Today hubby and I slept in and missed the group bike ride out near the Chesapeake (at least I think that's where it was, it was somewhere in Maryland and that state is practically surrounded by the Chesapeake so odds are I am right). I decided that today I was going to do a bike/run brick. We only had a 30 mile ride to do so we did it on the W&OD bike trail going out towards Leesburg (we didn't actually go out to Leesburg, just in that general direction). I felt pretty good, drank almost my whole bottle of Perpetum and plenty of water and 1/2 a Clif bar. The weather was gorgeous, I didn't get run off the trail by errant children on bikes or catapulted off by a leashed dog hogging the trail so overall the ride was a success. We got back, I dropped my bike off, grabbed my running shoes and did a 4 mile run. Again, felt good. I ran some errands this afternoon and then went to the Sunday night swim (which has been moved to an earlier time 5-6pm, yay!). I got partway into the first set and suddenly just started thinking about food and how incredibly hungry I was. I seriously thought about dropping out of the swim and going in search of a Clif bar instead. When I got home from the swim, in the span of about five minutes I ate some strawberries, carrots and hummus, walnuts, raisins, and finished off the carton of Rocky Road ice cream. And then ate a full (and yummy) dinner of chicken, salad and rice about 20 minutes later. And I am still hungry. I plugged in my Garmin to see how many calories I've apparently burned today - On the bike I burned 1415 calories in two hours, on the run it was 427 and then I'm not sure exactly for the swim but it was probably in the 400-500 range - so that's over 2000 calories total from exercise. No wonder I am so hungry. Where is the cheesecake?

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