31 August 2009

Random Running Ruminations

I'm sure most runners would agree - running clears one's head. It's a great way to escape, have some "me" time, and just let your mind wander. I have the most random train of thought while running. I love the days when you get so lost in thought that you suddenly find yourself five miles away from when you last mentally checked in. Today I had to put a bit of mental concentration into running because it was a tempo run and I needed to keep a certain pace. But I still had plenty of time to let my mind wander. So here's a rundown of some of the random thoughts that ran through my head...
- it's unseasonably cool - it feels like mid-October, not August
- what characteristics do I want my future house to possess (Mark and I are embarking on the great adventure of house hunting tomorrow - and I am EXCITED!)
- I wish there was a bathroom nearby
- I don't think my running form is very smooth - I feel like I have a very choppy run
- PhD program - sociology... or peace and conflict resolutions studies... or anthropology... and what would I do with such a degree...
- I'm going to be 28 in less than a week
- need to start "clean eating" (as I shovel Teddy Grahams down my throat while writing this)
- Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Cake Remix - best ice cream flavor. Ever.
- 70.3 World Championships - I'm thinking of making qualifying a goal of mine for next year
- I'm very lucky to be married to the best husband in the world. And I need to learn and grow to become the wife he truly deserves.

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