02 September 2009

Hitting my stride?

Today did not start off great. I overslept and I blame our *lovely* neighbors who were fighting for a good hour and a half this morning - from 2am until 3:30. And they were fighting pretty loud because they woke me up and I sleep like I'm dead. I think there was some slapping going on and throwing of objects too, judging from the noises I heard. Fortunately, Mark and I are in the market to buy a house so hopefully we will leave this roach-infested, frat-boy inhabited, full of inconsiderate neighbors apartment complex behind.
By the end of the day, I was SOOOO ready to hit the track. I was fired up and determined to have a good workout, both mentally and physically. There are some days where I am not in the game mentally, my mind just takes a vacation and forgets to make my body push itself. But I feel like I've started to really pull it together these past few weeks, both the mental and the physical, and I'm really excited to see where it could take me in terms of my training and racing.
This was week one of my three week build cycle (culminating in Savageman - how perfect!). Wednesday is speedwork. I decided I would do two 2 mile repeats and then two 1 mile repeats for a total of six miles, all keeping my heart rate in Zone 4. I managed to keep a consistent pace of about 6:45/mile for each set, even dropping my overall average pace down in the last mile and ending my workout in 40 minutes and 21 seconds, with an overall average pace of 6:43/mile. I was tired, but still had enough energy to jog home. I felt good that I accomplished what I set out to do in this workout and it is money/confidence in the bank for upcoming races.
Tomorrow night is the Jimmy Buffet concert - I am a Jimmy Buffet concert virgin so I am rather excited about the concert. I still have to make oreo balls for this momentous occasion.

And then the next day is my 28th birthday. Mark asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and he said I could do anything I wanted. So we are getting up early Friday morning, driving out to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland and I am going to ride the Savageman bike course while he sags for me. He is an awesome husband. I'm going to take a picture of my brick in the Westernport Wall too, since I plan on being too busy to stop and stare on race day. I just need to do this prep ride so I feel confident about Savageman.

Even though today started out on the wrong foot, my good workout made me feel much better. Though, when I got home I went on a bit of a cleaning streak (incredible, I know) and while I was vacuuming I accidentally sucked up Bissell's toy mouse (ha, ironic, I sucked up Bissell's toy with my Hoover vacuum). I felt like bad pet mom - he had just been playing with that mouse a few minutes earlier and now it is gone (I am no going into the vacuum bag to fish it out, sorry Biss).

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