30 October 2009

Crunch time...

Since accepting my new job, I realized I have some leave to burn in my current job. This couldn't come at a better time because I need all the extra time I can get to finish my final papers for my Masters degree. I took yesterday and today off from work so I could have a four-day writing extravaganza! They are due five weeks from today. Both are supposed to be at least fifty pages - one is currently at page 31 and the other is on page 16. Contrary to how I've written papers in the past, I didn't save these until two weeks before the due date to write them. I'm hoping to be at 35 pages on one and at least on page 22 of the other one before the end of the weekend. Both are interesting topics, so I don't hate doing the research and writing. I'm just hoping I'm doing the research properly and I'm actually saying what I'm trying to say.

In addition to writing these papers, I have a little thing called Ironman Florida eight days in my future. It hasn't completely slipped my mind, but I am surprised at how quickly it has crept up on me. My attention on my papers has also prevented me from being too nervous about the race. It's strange, I'm not nervous at all. It's not like I'm an old pro at these things, I've only done one Iron-Distance race (last year's Beach2Battleship), but it went really well, didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would, and I didn't have a problem finishing. I'm sort of seeing Ironman as just being a really long training day - I don't know if that's a good or bad perspective. Either way, it has kept my nerves calm. Plus I think it helps that there are no steep hills - I'm less worried about falling off my bike. I'm also using this weekend to get prepared for the race - packing, purchasing last minute fuel and race items, making lots of lists, etc.

Speaking of Ironman, I've made it a point to do EVERY SINGLE one of my workouts these past two weeks. This past Tuesday I swam 4750 yds, my longest swim EVER and I felt really good. Ironman swim will only be about 4100 yds. I did my speedwork, including 10x1200 on Wednesday of last week. Long run of 20 miles last Sunday to cheer Mark on during various points in the Marine Corps Marathon (he finished in 3:39 in his debut marathon!) and today I'm going to do my 2.5 hour ride on the trainer watching a girly movie (so I don't have to do it on Sunday). I'm feeling pretty good, a bit tired (unfortunately, my writers block always seems to disappear in the late hours of the evening and that's when I'm most productive. I expect to have many late nights after Ironman is over because the creative juices will be flowing!)

And today is Mark's birthday - his last year in his 20's! I'm going to surprise him with a few things - I'm looking forward to spending the evening with him.

And now - to the trainer and then back to the computer!

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