06 October 2009

Waiting on 14 Dec... with dread and anticipation

I am two papers - that's right TWO PAPERS - away from having my Masters degree in hand. But they are two long papers - 100 pages total between them both. And right now I'm on page 8. Of the first one. And they are due in two months and seven days. I've had all summer to get cracking on them. But I'm a master procrastinator - so it's typical that I didn't even start thinking about them until late August. I'm now trying to write a few pages a day, but my brain is not in school mode, it's in senior slacker mode. I really just need to make myself sit down, destroy facebook and blogger, and WRITE my two papers. The subjects are interesting, I want to become a SME in them, but I just feel overwhelmed and paralyzed with the thought that I don't have enough time to finish. One is on the role of community in the reintegration process of youth ex-combatants (case study of Uganda and Sierra Leone). The other will be on Nepal and the movement for Dalit Rights and implications for the country's social system (if we get rid of the caste system, what sort of social system will replace it, and how can that be installed with minimal disruption). Interesting subjects. Complicated subjects. And I only have two months and one week to pull it all together. Eeek!

PS - never again am I going to be doing the following things simultaneously:
- work full time
- school part time
- ironman training
- buy and move into a new house.

I've been so busy and tired I haven't even watched the episode of Greys Anatomy that I missed last week!


Tricia said...

Good luck getting everything accomplished! You'll have to treat yourself to something nice once everything is done!

Caroline said...

Oh, I plan on it! Mark and I just bought a townhouse and when school is done and the holidays are over, I am going to paint and decorate! How is your training going? Good job on your tri today!