12 April 2010

Hi, my name is Caroline and I'm an addict...

I had to travel to NJ today for work and for the whole train ride home, I kept thinking about getting my next fix. I went on a binge a few weeks ago, vowing that never again would I do such a thing, and swearing off my addiction. But last night, I gave in a little bit. And then today, I fully caved... I mean, who can resist when it's 75% off Easter candy and you can get a GINORMOUS bag of MINI EGGS for $1.49. And the little bags for just 19 cents? I mean, you'd have to have the self control of steel to resist. Especially with a CVS sitting in your backyard, calling you as you walked home from the bus stop.

But, I'm going to ration out the Mini Eggs into reasonable portions. Mark bets that won't even make it to the weekend. I beg to differ. And if I win, I get a really yummy dinner of my choice cooked by Mark!

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Tricia said...

I'm the same way when it comes to candy...ZERO self control. Lucky for me the few drug stores I've been in don't have any Easter candy left.