16 April 2010

Not one but FOUR pints of ice cream!

I realized while I was at work today that it was "Race Day Eve." And tradition calls for ice cream on Race Day Eve. I was stuck at the office late, but fortunately Mark is a wonderful husband who indulges my strange rituals and gladly offered to pick up some ice cream on his way home from work. I had learned today that Ben and Jerry's had come out with some new flavors that sounded SO GOOD (Peanut Brittle... Mud Pie... Boston Creme Pie...), so I gave him a few hints... And came home to not one but FOUR pints of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream! Taste-testing was in order. They were all good, but S'mores won, simply on the amount of chocolate packed into that pint. It also kept me away from the Mini Eggs. Looks like I win the bet too, there's still at least a half a bag left, so Mark owes me a dinner next week.

Training has been going well. Fast repeats on the track on Wednesday turned out to go much better than I thought they would - I only missed one time goal and it was only by two seconds. Swimming has been good this week - I'm eager to see if my 3x/week visits to the pool will pay off in the Rumpass in Bumpass Oly triathlon tomorrow. And biking has been fine - I took my bike to Contes yesterday because my back tire has flatted on every ride I've taken outside (a whopping two rides, but hey, it's not a good omen). Turns out that my rim tape had slipped. The fixed it right up for me and I took the bike out for a short spin this morning and no flats. Soooo, let's hope I have that same good luck tomorrow!

I took the puppy out for a quick 15 minute jog this morning after the bike. He actually did rather well, even though he still throws down the brakes every now and then when we head away from the house. But turning around and coming home, Zone 5 all of the way!

And with that, time for bed - early morning tomorrow! Yaaay for the first triathlon of 2010!


Tricia said...

Yum! I'll have to try the new B&J flavors. Good Luck!

Baby Love said...

Can't wait to see you!

I was given a blogging award a few days ago and I am passing it on to you!