13 November 2010

Do Cats Hold Grudges?

Our two really nice chairs in our reading room are currently encased in a protective covering of plastic. I always thought it was silly when people put plastic covers on their couches, etc. But, I suppose if you have a vindictive cat who takes pleasure peeing and pooing on your stuff, plastic covers make sense.

We have two cats - Hoover and Bissell (and yes, they do live up to their names when it comes to food). Normally they are both well-behaved cats who, minus a little stealing of food off the counters, don't do anything that bad. But in recent weeks, Bissell has taken a liking to peeing on our bed and one of the nice chairs in our reading room. And now that it happened again last night, I think we found a pattern - he doesn't like strange dogs. We were returning a favor and dogsitting two of my friends' dogs and all was fine and dandy until the dogs decided that cats were not friends, they were food. Obviously, Bissell took offense to this, took his anger out on us. Three loads of laundry later, we finally have a clean bedspread, duvet, and chair cushion once more. I think this has tempered Mark's desire to get a 2nd dog (keep in mind, if we were to get a second dog, humans would be outnumbered by animals 2-to-1 in our house).

Ran a 5K this morning - 22:01, good enough for second in the 20-29 age group and a gift certificate at the local burger place.

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rajlei said...

Maddie pees on things too....I think she's stressed about the move. Enzyme cleaner is a must!!