08 November 2010

Swim Test - CHECK!

Today I had a swim test. Not the type where you're tested on whether or not you know how to swim. No, this one was for speed. Jen had me do this back in January when I started with her, 10x100 hard and then get your average pace. I just checked out Training Peaks what my average pace was back in January - 1:38. I'm not much of a swimmer and when I've timed myself in the pool prior to that, the low 1:40s were usually pretty good for me. So I did the test again today. I actually had a nightmare about it the night before (I'm not blaming nerves, I'm blaming it on the fact that training peaks was the last thing I read before I went to bed last night). I dreamt that I tried to do the swim test at Washington-Lee high school's pool and they had a last minute swim meet so they reversed the direction of the swim lanes and made them all really short, so I was panicking about how I would know if I swam 100 yards and how I would get my average pace, etc, etc. So today I wasn't too surprised when, just as I was about to start my swim test after warming up, a third guy jumped into our swim lane and we had to circle swim (thank you aqua joggers who hogged the only other open lane - you are awesome). It ended up working out fine, apart from the run-ins I had with my lanemates on three of my 100s, and the fact that they probably thought I was a megab!tch as I tried to swim over them. But, I went home happy because my average pace improved by about 7 seconds to 1:31/100. Mission accomplished!


Gina said...

Nice work, Caroline! And maybe I'll make it back to the pool again one of these days, too! (Dreams sure are nutty, aren't they?)

Kathy said...

Awesome. 7 seconds per 100 is a lot.