08 March 2011

1, 2, 3... A, B, C

Everyone else is doing it, so I'm joining in:
A: Age - 29. But if you're looking for my USAT age, that would be 30.

B: Bed size - Queen. I share it with Mark, our dog and two cats. Cozy.

C: Chore I hate - doing the dishes. I've made progress though, at least I do the dishes now, rather than hide them in a closet. Or throw them out.

D: Dogs - we have one and that is enough. Miles is our very sweet English Setter.

E: Essential Start Your Day Item - Food. Any type of food. I'm always starving.

F: Favorite Color - blue-green.

G: Gold or Silver - Platinum. I thought platinum and silver were the same thing, until we went engagement/wedding ring shopping. Then I learned better.

H: Height - 5'6''.

I: Instruments I Play - nothing now, but I used to play the flute, the piano, AND the accordion. I was 6 when I played the accordion, for the record, and thus didn't have a choice.

J: Job Title - Survey Specialist (recent promotion, yaaay!) at a social policy research firm. I like making surveys, but I don't like taking them.

K: Kids - none of my own!

L: Live - NoVa, where I've wanted to live ever since I was 12 years old.

M: Mom's name - Molly.

N: Nicknames - Yaya (courtesy of my brother when he was 2 and "Caroline" was too complicated). Mark calls me Caro. I could also name off the litany of names (Karen, Carolyn, Carolina, Caroleena, Kelly, Carrie) that people call me when they mispronounce my name).

O: Overnight hospital stays - never.

P: Pet Peeve - WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority). Yes, it is the cleanest transit system I've ever seen BUT, if I am paying $7.50 a day to go the 5 miles to work, I'd like the bus to be on time, the metro not to break down multiple times a week, and a working escalator here and there. That's all.

Q: Quote from a Movie - "Back to school... Back to school... To show my dad that I'm not a fool..." (Billy Madison)

R: Right or Left Handed - right!

S: Siblings - younger brother (24 this week) and three sisters (23, 21, 19). Technically they are my sisters-in-law, but I consider them my sisters because they are awesome.

T: Time you wake up - prior to 5am if it's Tues/Thurs and I'm swimming with Team Z. Otherwise, it's after 6. I don't really have a set time.

U: Underwear - none of your business!

V: Vegetable you Dislike - I can't really think of any. I vehemently hate cantaloupe and melon, but those are fruits.

W: What makes you Late - Ummm, I don't need anything to make me late, I do well enough with that on my own!

X: X-rays you've had done - for my teeth at the dentist.

Y: Yummy food you Make - Vegan chocolate cookies, OREO BALLS, my mother's Chicken Pot Pie, homemade pasta, veggie quesadillas, butternut squash soup. I used to be a master of The Blue Box Special Mac and Cheese, but I've grown up.

Z - Zoo Animal Favorite - I don't really like the zoo.


Kathy said...

WHAT? ! Good thing I am not racing this year if we are now in the same age group.

Caroline said...

You are too funny - you could hand my behind to me ANY day, Kathy! How are you doing??