09 March 2011

Erin's Dirty Thirty

Me and the birthday girl

I just got back today from spending the weekend down in Nashville celebrating Erin's 30th birthday. Erin and I have been best friends since college and this weekend can be added to the long list of fun times we've had. I'd say it's pretty close to the top. The whole weekend was a surprise - I arrived and surprised her on Thursday; her cousins Kelly and Melissa arrived and surprised her on Friday; and her friends Nicole and Dan arrived and surprised her on Saturday. Dinner on Saturday night at a trendy restaurant and then partied the evening away at The Big Bang Bar, a dueling piano bar in downtown Nashville. In the end, the night proved that 30 isn't really that old - we still know how to have fun, hang with the younger 20-somethings, and are capable of staying out (way) past our bedtimes once in awhile. It was so nice to spend the weekend with Erin and Ashley, see Reagan my goddaughter, and see everyone else! Here are a few more pictures from the night out. PS - you know you had a good night when, two people are asleep on the bar table by the end of it, the next morning (on only three hours of sleep) you are at the airport, unshowered, with hair still smelling like last night's bar, and the stamp from the previous night still visible on your hand (bonus points if the stamp reads "Bang This"). I was that description, personified, last weekend.

Dinner with Kelly and Melissa

Erin, Nicole, me and Kelly

I think this sums up the night quite nicely


Kathy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and night. Of course your appearance at the airport would have been even more indicative of a good night if the stamp on your hand was also visible transferred to your cheek and your forehead. See you soon, I hope!

Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! Now I see why TP is blank. LOL - so glad you had a great time!!!!! FUN TO celebrate w/ friends for big birthdays!! :)

Caroline said...

@Kathy - SO TRUE! Hahahaha (but fortunately, I didn't have any stamp on my face). Yes - definitely would love to see you guys soon, how is Ben doing? I love reading your blog for Ben-isms.

@Jen - I did manage to get most of the workouts in, though not completely - need to update TP, sorry about that! Nashville was a blast - I think I am finally recovered from it.