09 August 2011

I'm back!

I fully enjoyed my last weekend without structured workouts. Saturday was a bike ride with Jessie, she is on the USC triathlon team and she will be kicking butt and taking names - I am glad I'm not in her age group! We went out for a leisurely spin around the bike path. Unfortunately, lots of other people had the same idea and not everyone is well-versed in bike path etiquette. That's why I save the bike path for leisurely rides, not training rides. I've become a master at the low-speed bike crash and demonstrated my prowess at this activity on Saturday morning when another cyclist and I locked front wheels and went down. It looked uglier than it was, nothing more than scrapes and bruises, and most importantly the bike was fine.

Sunday was an open water swim down in Luray. Janine and I woke up early (OK, she woke up early, I overslept - stayed up too late watching Battlestar Galactica (that's a sentence I never thought I'd type)) and headed down to Luray. I think the course was marked for about 700m or so. We ended up doing 4 loops, which was 2 loops more than I had initially figured I'd do (I was still on the "I-will-only-do-what-I-feel-like-doing" plan). I need to get out and do more open water swimming - too bad Luray is 1.5 hours away, I'd take that any day over the Potomac.

Guess what was waiting for me on Monday - workouts in Training Peaks! I'm officially back. Swim and TRX on Monday with a swim and run today (along with bike commutes both days). There may or may not have been a little happy dance in my office when I laced up my running shoes and put my HR monitor and Garmin on for the first time since Lake Placid.

The happy dance abruptly ended once I started running. It. Was. Hot. Even though it was past 6pm, the sun was still beating down on the Mall. My legs still had alot of Ironman shuffle in them and the run quickly became a slog. Thank goodness my Garmin battery ran out right about the time things started to get ugly. I'd rather not have digital evidence of the ugly run. But I got it done, got the bike commute done, and I'm going to bed before 10pm. Victory on all fronts.


Katie said...

workouts in training peaks! DOOOM. and i'd love to ride with you sometime!

Caroline said...

I have halfs coming up and so do you - perfect! Let me know if you are ever in need of a ride buddy, I'm always looking for people to ride with. The more hills the better!