03 August 2011


Does anyone else have odd things they are paranoid about? Alot of mine have to do with appliances. I refuse to leave the house if the dishwasher is running, if the washing machine is on, or - heaven forbid - the dryer is in use. The dryer, especially the dryer - I always picture it getting so hot and catching the lint in the lint trap on fire. Mark says he cleans the lint trap whenever he uses the dryer; but being the paranoid wife that I am, I don't believe him most of the time. I refuse to leave my computer plugged in to the outlet when I'm not home and thunderstorms are in the forecast. Power surge! I don't know how well my Mac would handle it and I don't want to test it and find out. I also don't leave lamps on if we leave the house for any reason (you never know, a cat could knock them over and start a fire). Fortunately, Mark puts up with me and (usually) indulges me in my requests (though, I picture him turning on all the appliances and then gleefully walking out of the house when I'm out of town - freedom! Kind of like how he makes a giant steak wrapped in bacon every time I'm out of town).

We're not even going to touch race-week paranoia or stomach virus paranoia; that's just a WHOLE other can of worms and worthy of several posts of their own.


ADC said...

Well, I only don't leave my lamps on when I am out of house. Other than that, no problem... or the things would never get done.

Kathy said...

This sounds like common good sense to me. Though I always forget to unplug my laptop. But my friend Stacy's neighbor had a fire started by her dishwasher while she was out once, so it's not like it doesn't happen (rarely)!
I get paranoid about leaving Ben in the car - even though I know I have just dropped him at daycare before going to the train in the morning, I still make sure to look at the empty carseat before I lock the car and walk away.

Caroline said...

Kathy - I never even thought about a fire starting from the dishwasher! I don't blame you about the paranoia about Ben, especially with all those stories in the news during the summertime.
Angelina - yeah, if I wasn't so paranoid, our weekly chores would get done a bit faster, oh well!

Kathy said...

See - your paranoia is not in vain!