27 September 2011

Daily grind

Oh holy heck, life feels like it is on fast forward. Each day is eerily similar:
- Set alarm for an unholy early hour
- Hit snooze at least twice
- Roll out of bed, grumble about being late, pull stuff together for the AM workout
- Do AM workout
- Eat
- Accidentally get sucked into Facebook and instantly lose 30 minutes of my morning
- Start the commute to work (if on bike, curse at cars and bikers who don't pay attention; if on public transportation, roll eyes at length of time it takes for people to board bus)
- Run to 9am daily meeting and arrive 2 minutes late AGAIN
- Work
- Lose track of time and find myself still in the office at 6:30pm
- Commute home (get sweaty on the bike or on the metro, happens either way)
- PM workout
- Eat dinner at a ridiculously late hour
- Get sucked into Facebook and blogs AGAIN
- Go to bed (and always later than initially planned).

Fortunately, my weekends have been a bit more exciting and less monotonous - visits with friends, a wedding this coming weekend, then a race the next weekend, and perhaps I'll be in Africa the weekend after that!

How do people fit in more in their daily life than sleep, meals, work, and workouts? Any time management advice (besides the obvious STAY OFF FACEBOOK) is always appreciated!

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