14 September 2011

Don't ride so close to me

So, is it just me or does anyone else get a little peeved when you are biking along and suddenly notice a stranger stuck to your back wheel? For. Miles. Part of it could be that I'm not the most confident of riders and I don't like to be close to people. But I think the main reason I get irked is because I don't know the person or their riding abilities and they could be an even worse rider than me. And I'd rather not have my suspicions confirmed through them crashing into me.

It's always guys that do it too. Come on guys, man up and stop drafting off a girl.


Chelsea said...

Maybe they just like the view :P

Kathy said...

At least if the guy hits your back wheel, he'll be the one the crash - you'll probably stay upright.

Katie said...

this morning! ugh.