18 July 2012

How am I going to keep up... with the appetite?

I'm still not packed yet, so this is going to be short and sweet.

After Ironman I'm heading down to Cape Cod for a few days of relaxation, Four Seas Ice Cream eating, Nauset Beach shark sighting, catching up with family time.  We're staying at my Aunt Karen and Uncle Charlie's (they happen to be some of the coolest extended family out there - every summer they would have their four nieces and nephews down for a visit for a week when we were kids - BRAVE!).  I eat alot of food, that's a fact.  And I'm usually even hungrier after an Ironman and the hunger lasts for DAYS (think: waking up at 4am STARVING, even though I had a huge snack before bed).  Poor Aunt Karen, she was talking to Aunt Amy last week - What am I going to feed her, am I going to be able to... keep up?  Bwhahahaaaa, crack me up!

Sadly Aunt Karen - probably not.  Unless you buy out the daily ice cream supply of Four Seas.  Though I did like Charlie's comment to my FB post on the matter - 10 pounds of peanut butter... 12 pounds of bluefin tuna and a pizza guy who knows my name.

I think I'm in good hands.  Just throw a can of frosting in there for good measure.  Can't wait to see you Charlie and Karen!!!


Jon said...

Kick some major butt this weekend!!!

Ben said...
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Ben said...

Good Luck Caroline!!'