13 July 2012

Random Friday Facts

- I think mustaches look sketchy

- I wasn't a big fan of pizza or Chinese food growing up.  Then I worked at Dominos Pizza and waitressed at a Chinese food restaurant and had no choice but to eat the food there.

- I'm still not a big fan of soda (except at mile 20 of the Ironman marathon).

- I had to take my driver's test four times before I finally passed it when I was 16.

- My almost-three year old goddaughter learned how to say the Pledge of Allegiance recently - cutest thing ever.

- We have almost no tupperware left because I've ruined it all, letting them turn into science experiments in my bag.

- I haven't bike commuted in WEEKS!

- I used to want to be an Olympic gymnast.  Too bad I quit gymnastics when I was six - gave up on that dream pretty early.

- We got cable back for July and August only: Tour de France and the Olympics.  I've yet to actually watch the TdF though...

- I am so far behind on my 50-books-in-a-year goal it isn't even funny.

- I bought a new pair of tri shorts today.  First new pair in about 4 years.  Gross.

- I also bought a new bikini last week when I dropped a nutrition money bomb at REI.  First new bikini in more years than I can count.  Sad.

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Katie said...

mustaches are AWFUL.