14 April 2013

Springtime Riding

Ever since I arrived back home from Tucson, all I want to do is live the lyrics of Queen:
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like

The cherry blossoms were in peak bloom this past week and I couldn't resist bike commuting both Wednesday and Thursday, both to enjoy the nice weather as well as take a few photos of the cherry blossoms:

Tidal Basin with the Washington Monument in the background

Up close with the cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms and the Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Springtime is my favorite season in DC. It was a little late in arriving this year, but I think right now it's safe to say that it is here to stay (thank goodness!).

And you know what springtime weather means - BEAUTIFUL bike rides! About ten of us met up in Aldie, VA (out in Loudon County) for a gorgeous 60+ mile bike ride yesterday morning. It felt a little chilly as we rolled out of the parking lot, but we quickly warmed up and shorts and armwarmers ended up being perfect for the temperatures. I can't say enough about what an awesome group we had out riding yesterday - lots of chatting and laughter as well as working hard and keeping a good pace. It was so, so great to catch up with my friends, who I hadn't seen in a couple of weeks. The route had us climbing Mt Weather, which I've never done before. It wasn't too bad, and when we rode up the longer section, I made it my mission to stick with Seb, Mike, and Nate and not fall off their wheels. My legs were burning right before we crested the top and this was definitely an exercise in mental focus as I just stared at the wheel in front of me and kept the pedals turning over, all the while giving myself a pep talk. And the descent - SO FUN! Much of the rest of the ride was filled with rollers and we spent alot of time of quiet country roads with little traffic - bike riding doesn't get much better than that!

An illustration of perfection: blue skies, friends, and quiet country roads
Also - I just signed up for my first off-road triathlon in about 6 years - XTerra Jersey Devil at the end of the month. It's a short-ish race (1/2 mile swim, 13 mile mountain bike ride, and 3.5 mile run) and I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM! Both just to simply race AND to be doing something a little different from a road triathlon. I'm still working on the whole getting a mountain bike thing but one of my wonderful friends has offered to let me borrow her mountain bike for the race, and I may just take her up on it. I'm beyond excited that triathlon season is literally around the corner! It's like the holiday season, just with warmer weather and more sweat!


Beth said...

DC is so pretty in the spring!!! After this winter, I think the spring beauty and weather is all the more appreciated! :)

Kim said...

Fun! Thanks for posting the pictures! So beautiful! Good ride this weekend.
Will you, or have you, posted a recipe for the strawberry bread you mentioned on your previous blog? I'd love to know it if you wouldn't mind sharing. :)
Exciting for an off road triathlon. My area is hosting age group nationals for off road tri in September. I'd love to give it a try as it sounds so neat and different. I too have the issue though of a lack of mountain bike. HA! Glad you have one to borrow.