24 April 2013

Yoga and track

Brain dump time.
I took Metro to and from work today for the first time since before tri camp at the beginning of the month. OMG I did not miss it at all. Granted, it was nice to give my legs a rest from a bike commute, but maddening at the same time to commute 2+ hours just to go 12 miles round trip. Ridiculous.

I gave yoga a shot for the first time on Monday. Success = not falling over when doing the Warrior Pose. It actually felt really nice to stretch and yoga is a legitimate strength training workout judging from the way my arms and legs were shaking while trying to hold poses and how much concentration it took not to lose my balance. I will definitely go back.

I had another track workout this week. I ran track in high school - the 400 and the 800 (standalone and relays) and today I'm now a good 20 seconds slower on the 400 and almost 40 seconds slower in the 800 than I was my senior year of high school. I was lamenting this fact to Jen in my Training Peaks feedback and her response was to not compare myself to high school because that is just depressing. Yup. Agreed. I will say this, track work is just as hard today as it was in high school, even if I've become a slow old lady. I had descending intervals for my 800s today and I mentally cracked on my second to last one, completely fell apart about 150m from the finish. I think I started off too fast on that one and by the end, I couldn't fathom doing another repeat, even if it was just one more. I still managed to make the intended split, used my easy 400 jog to pull my head together, and the last one felt much better. I love/hate track work. I love how it feels to work hard and make a go at keeping a challenging pace. I hate it when I start too fast and feel like I'm crawling at the finish. I love how it makes me tougher. I hate sounding like a freight train going around the track because I'm trying to suck in enough oxygen to keep my legs turning over. And I do love how much the track workouts wear me out and I leave feeling absolutely spent - and continue to feel the slight burn in my legs for the remainder of the day.


James Ford said...

Yoga and track workouts are something I could definitely add to my workout. I went to a yoga "workout" with my wife once and I keep asking her when are going to start sweating and working out! LOL My flexibility is horrible!

Karen Talley Mead said...

You have NEVER been to yoga before?? You must keep going! Yoga is wonderful.