23 August 2013

Thank You Tri360 - And Happy Birthday!

Tri360's Kate and Blaine with some of us from Ignite Endurance
Over the past year, my tri team Ignite Endurance has been lucky enough to have a partnership with Tri360, the local triathlon shop that opened on Labor Day Weekend last year. Kate and Blaine have been super helpful with everything I've needed this year, from buying a mountain bike to finding awesome no-tie laces for my run shoes and everything in between. They've held a number of informative clinics covering things like bike maintenance to triathlon clothes to running form. It's a shop that caters to all triathletes but makes the extra effort to help new triathletes feel welcome in the sport and in the shop. Kate has also organized ladies nights at the shop, bringing in the brains (and the clothes) behind the Smashfest Queen triathlon/cycling line.

I've enjoyed being part of their weekly shop runs on Monday nights (they will be starting back up in September) and the Saturday group bike rides around Arlington (every Saturday starting at 8:30am - all paces, no-drop, super friendly group). They've given me a chance to meet other triathletes in the area, as well as catch up with friends I already knew.

Many of my teammates have had stellar seasons this year, with a number of them qualifying for Kona, going to the 70.3 World Championships in Vegas, and winning lots of pint glasses and bottles of wine or beer (consumable podium prizes are the best - perhaps next year they will give out pies as a way to change it up - I think Bob Young and I need to start lobbying for this. Or frosting in a can. I could get behind that, but besides Jenny Gephart, I'm probably the only one). This week we stopped by Tri360 with a cooler of beer in hand to say "Thank You" for a great year! I'm really glad you guys moved into town and I love that you are right off the W&OD. Looking forward to many more visits to the shop - I still need to get that hot pink Tri360 shirt! Thanks Tri360 for all of your cheers, support, encouragement, and enthusiasm over this past year!

My team at Hains Point.

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