25 August 2013

The Budding Triathlete

I promise you that this will be the cutest story you will read on the Internet today. Seriously.

This past weekend I stayed out in Loudon County, VA at my aunt's house because I did their neighborhood sprint triathlon. My little cousin Xander, who is turning 3 this month, is ALL about sports and bikes and wearing his helmet (develop those good habits early!). Every time I've biked out to their house, he is intrigued by my bike and wants to wear my helmet and Garmin around the house  - or rather, he likes to sprint around the house wearing both and periodically check the watch to see his pace. It's adorable and funny all at once.

Xander and I post-race
So anyway, my aunt, uncle, Xander and Lilly came out to watch the race this morning and Xander was the enthusiastic little spectator, clapping and cheering up a storm, even though it was pretty early in the morning. He was pretty disappointed when the runners and bikers didn't always wave back (Mommy, I clap and they don't wave back at me - why??). He was enthralled with all the bikers as the whizzed around the corner to transition and he cheered for all the runners as they ran by. After I finished, I gave him and Lilly the finisher medal. Post-race, I had lunch at their house before heading back home.  Halfway home I get a call from my aunt Amy saying that Xander had been outside riding his bike and had everyone stand on the sidewalk and clap and cheer for him as he rode by. He then got off the bike and did a little run down the sidewalk, instructing the spectators (his mom, dad, and sister) to continue cheering for him. And when he finished, they put the medal around his neck, but Xander was very concerned about the fact that he neglected to do the swim.

Then right before dinner I get a FaceTime call from Xander, as he had many important questions to ask me about triathlon:
When you run, do you wear your helmet? No.
When you swim in the pool, why do you touch toes? It's not nice to touch toes. It's the polite way to tell someone in front of you that you need to pass them in the pool.
When you run, do you wear shoes? Yes.

This kid needs a race belt, swim goggles, and speed laces STAT - and sign him up for his first triathlon!

End of cute story. But I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to my aunt Amy for getting up early and shuttling me to the start line, making an awesome homemade gnocchi dinner for Sarah and I last night, and - most importantly - having THREE FLAVORS of Ben and Jerry's ice cream at the ready for dessert last night. You are the best Amy!!! Love you!


Delora Lauver said...

Sounds like a fun day and a great way to connect with little Xander! :)

Amy said...

We loved having you and watching you race and clearly the kids had a blast this weekend! Thanks for talking about how cute my kids are but you neglected to say how awesome you did! Can't wait to watch you again. xoxo

Beth said...

You are undoubtedly the coolest older cousin of all time!!! Too cute!!!