02 January 2014


One of the things Mr. Sweetie and I are going to do this year is to try a new-to-us dinner recipe once a week. We do a relatively decent job at cooking most of our meals at home each week, but we often get stuck in a rut, cycling through the same few recipes each week - some variation of a pasta, veggie quesadillas, pizza, soup, etc. We might get really ambitious and throw in "try a new dessert recipe" each week as well, but that might be asking too much.

We did our first new-to-us recipe last night for dinner. A Moroccan chicken pot pie called Chicken Bastilla. It's a chicken pie full of cinnamon and other spices, baked in puff pastry, and sprinkled with powdered sugar on top (take THAT Mom's chicken pot pie, hahaaaa!). My parents bought Mr. Sweetie and I a Mediterranean cookbook for Christmas and it is chock-a-block full of really tasty recipes, like this one. It was surprisingly easy to make and I think this will definitely be making its way into the monthly dinner rotation.

Please take special note of my trout oven mitts
On the training front - I'm moving along. Going to the pool when I'm supposed to, doing TRX in my basement, running, biking both on the trainer and on the trails if it isn't too muddy. Mountain biking has become exponentially more enjoyable now that I have gone a few times, feel more confident, and don't freak out when faced with small rocks and logs on the path. I've been feeling quite good on most of the runs I've been on, but still feeling sluggish as heck at the pool, that's what I get for forgetting the pool exists for two months straight. Jen's annual swim test will likely kill me, please say your goodbyes now. 


B.o.B. said...

Happy New Year! Please send me that pie. No, not the recipe. The pie itself.

GoBigGreen said...

I love the oven mits! I am so excited for camp too, its going to be great and i am honored tobe your older wiser and sometimes not for long ( faster) sister in crime.
Take care and stay warm, is it still in the 60's? LOL