20 December 2011


For years I have been running on the bike path near my house. And every morning between 6:30 and 7:30, there is an older gentleman who is out walking and he gives everyone an enthusiastic greeting as he passes them. This morning my greeting was "Where have you been??" I guess that's what happens when it has been *months* since I went running on the bike trail before work. Sign that maybe I should do more running outside? Well, in all fairness, I've gotten some pretty awesome trail runs in over the past few weekends with good friends. I even brought Miles out for a 90 minute trail run on Sunday and he LOVED it. It wasn't a technical trail (I could see that going terribly wrong), but I'll take him with me again when I do some easy trails in the future. To him, it was one big dog park (minus the other dogs and the reality of being on a leash). In other news, I finished two more books - Pride and Prejudice and The Help. The Help was a great read (obviously) and I'm looking forward to watching the movie. And I really enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, much more than I expected to - I also need to make time to watch that movie. If anyone has any book suggestions for my 2012 reading list (which I will probably get started on now...), let me know!


Anonymous said...

I LOVED reading The Help! I rushed to read it before my cruise because they were showing the movie on the ship, but then we were so busy we didn't get to see it.

Let's get together and watch it!

Katie said...

ooohh, I love the help and haven't watched the movie yet. it looks awesome!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Not Triathlon related, but I just finished reading Wally Lamb's "This I know is True" and it was one of the best books I have EVER read. Long @ 900 pages, but worth it. :)