14 December 2011

The Non-Athletic Goals for 2012

These aren't really New Years Resolutions, more just things I'd like to accomplish next year. If I were to make New Years Resolutions, they would read something like "curse less" and "eat less chocolate," "complain about Metro less frequently" and where is the fun in that - less, less, less. 2012 is going to be about MORE, MORE, MORE (and I am not referring to cursing, chocolate, or complaining).

1) Read MORE books - as in at least 50 books in 2012. Mark equated this to be about a book a week, and when he put it that way, it seems a bit ambitious. I'm planning on keeping a tally of what I read, and it's not going to be all fluff.

2) Become MORE fluent in French - I know, seems sad that a French major in undergrad doesn't consider herself fluent enough after that college education, but my French is rusty and it does improve the more often I use it. I've been doing alot of reading, writing, translating French on one of my projects and I've noticed these tasks have become substantially easier and faster over time. I'm just a bit shy when it comes to speaking it and MY GOSH do I hate the grammar - too many verb tenses. So, how will I become more fluent? I'm looking into becoming a member of Alliance Francaise; at least one of the 50 books will be one of the French literature books that's been gathering dust on my bookshelf; and hopefully there will be some more trips to Burkina in the next 12 months.

3) Eat MORE fruits and vegetables - this one is definitely tied to athletics, but it's relevant here too. 2012 is when I clean up my act, make fruits and vegetables a priority, and gradually ease my way into a more "clean eating" type of lifestyle that is sustainable.

4) Get MORE sleep - cast off my grad school ways (grad school was TWO years ago) - FB and blogs are NOT a good reason to stay up late. Before I started grad school, my lights were out by 9pm and I was easily getting up before 5am for my workouts. Feels like grad school has ruined me for the past 4 years, and it's high time I got out of this rut, especially since I don't have any good excuses anymore. Let's see if by this time next year, I'm back to having lights out by 9pm again...

5) Learn MORE recipes - (let me caveat that by saying HEALTHY recipes, it's pretty obvious I know how to find - and bake - those unhealthy ones). Dinner at the house is predictable every single week. It is a 99% guarantee that we will be eating one of the following for dinner: pizza, pasta, veggie quesadillas, burritos, butternut squash soup. We might mix it up by throwing in a salad or making a burger one night (GASP). I have a number of great cookbooks that are begging to be used - and so they will be in 2012!

6) Call my family MORE often - this goes for Mom and Dad and Morgan and my West Coast family. Too often I've let Facebook messages and texts take the place of real, meaningful conversation. It's unfortunately a pretty frequent occurrence that I startle myself by realizing it has been TWO WEEKS since I last talked to my mom. Oops. It's time to get back to basics and actually call the people I care about.

7) Take MORE pictures - (and post them on this blog). I don't take enough pictures, I'm going to change that in 2012. And if anyone has any point-and-shoot camera recommendations, I'd love to hear them. I think just about anything will take better photos than my 6.5 year old 5 megapixel camera (I KNOW they make camera phones with more pixels than my camera, don't remind me!)

I'm sure I'll be adding to this post as I think of things, but this list isn't going to get too much longer because then it becomes overwhelming. And I will also be trying to curb the cursing, complaining, and chocolate binges.


Melissa said...

Sounds like great goals!! That is a lot of reading :-o

Calli said...

Good luck! I'd love to hear your reading list. Maybe I'll join you for a couple of books :)

Katie said...

i vote for more sleep! sleep is my boyfriend.

Damon Taaffe said...

I hear you on the books -- it's a goal of mine, too! Way to strive for well-roundedness.

Caroline said...

I'm curious how the reading will turn out - I definitely will keep up a list on the blog - I hate it when I know I've read a book but cannot for the life of me remember what it was about. At least this way I'll have a short summary to remind me :)

Tim said...

Caroline! I hope you had a great Christmas... it seems I have a bit of catching up to do on your blog. Anyways, I have to recommend the Nikon AW100 for a camera. It's waterproof and shock resistant and anything Nikon takes great pictures. I have heard good things about it.

As I write this, I am watching a DVR'ed copy of the 2011 IM Kona and going through my race list this year. The "bug" always seems to hit me in late December. I'm looking forward to hearing about your ventures in 2012.

Caroline said...

Tim!! Thanks for the camera recommendation! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas with Tyler and her family. I caught up with Erin and Reagan today - Reagan is talking up a storm it is too cute for words. You have a place to stay here at our house whenever you come to DC for the bar or job interviews - same goes for Tyler, of course! What's your race list look like for 2012? I'm liking how mine is shaping up. Let's meet up in Burlington, VT for some AG Nationals action, yes?