22 June 2012

I KNOW I look like a fool!

So my roadbike/commuter bike has been in the shop for part of this week for a much-needed tune-up (I got the bike back last night, it looks brand new with snappy new wheels, newly taped up bars, cleaned, everything.  No longer looks neglected).  I had to get to the pool on Thursday AM so that meant... commuting on the tri bike.  I know I looked like a tool - I am exactly who I secretly make fun of in my head when I bike down the mall on my way to work and see others commuting on their tri bikes with ZIPP wheels (at least I didn't have the wheels).  To top it off, I was wearing the "worn-too-thin-definitely-almost-obscene" bike shorts.  To anyone stuck behind me on the bike path, I apologize (though, Katie, obscenely thin bike shorts can take your ass shots to the next level... just saying...).


Melissa said...

Please say you weren't wearing an aero helmet too ;-)

Katie said...

ahahahaha - an aero helmet would have been perfect. and what's better than super thin shorts? NO SHORTS AT ALL!