29 June 2012

Recovery fun

After last weekend's long, hilly rides and runs, I was truly in need of some serious recovery time.  At the time I didn't realize just how tired I was.  That fatigue manifested itself in my inability to wake up before 7 and wanting to shut my eyes and be asleep by 8pm.  I had Monday and Tuesday completely off from workouts.  It was all kinds of fantastic.  I know that recovery days make some people go crazy, but I'm not one of them.  I'll take any excuse to be lazy for a few days.  It was liberating to leave work and think I have nothing I have to do tonight except sit on my couch and watch The Office on Netflix.  And to wake up in the morning and realize the most I have to do this morning before work is get in the shower and pick out what I'm going to wear today.  The workouts lightly started up again on Wednesday and after the two-day break, it felt nice to be doing something active again.  Recovery week has also meant I had time to goof off and be social - last night I went to a Josh Ritter/Brandi Carlyle concert at Wolftrap with a group of fellow triathletes.  SO MUCH FUN.  I never go out during the week and I think an outing like yesterday's was just what I needed to break the monotony of Ironman training.  We didn't even get home terribly late and it was so nice to have a chance to catch up with friends, especially when we weren't all clad in spandex and straddling our bikes.  Thank you to Kendra for organizing the evening out!  This weekend is back to the grind (in a good way).  Skyline is still the plan for now, but apparently there are a few wildfires on Skyline Drive and Mt. Massanutten so we may rework the plan and substitute it with Poolesville.  Either way, it's going to be a hot weekend out there on the bike with the record heat they are expecting.

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