17 September 2012

SwimBikeRunTRX and Apple Pie. And lazy dogs.

We've had some cooler than normal weather over the past week - 70s, low humidity, absolutely gorgeous.  It's like Fall arrived and slammed the door on Summer, the change has been that sudden.  The cooler weather had Mr. Sweetie and I all jazzed for fall foods - so yesterday we cooked up (or rather, Mr. Sweetie cooked up) some butternut squash soup and I baked the first apple pie of the season.  I pulled out my mom's secret recipe that I had jotted down over the phone with her last year.  Sadly, I wrote some of it in such shorthand that I didn't bother to note important things like: how many apples to use.  And then I had a line that said, "drizzle over the top of the pie."  Drizzle what??  I had no liquid ingredients listed.  I eventually figured it out (I think - the pie turned out OK), but my mom is very protective of her recipes so I shalt not say it here.

Today was one of those days where I was in sweaty workout clothes all waking hours, except for the 8 hours I was sitting at my desk.  I overslept this AM (big surprise, not really) and didn't make it to the pool so I did the TRX instead, since I had to get some strength stuff in today.  Then I biked in to work. Post-work I biked to Tri360 to take part in their Monday night group run.  We had two different options (3.2 miles and 5 miles) and I chose the 3.2.  That route was nice and rolling, it flattened out a bit during the last 1.5 miles or so, but 90 percent of the run was on quiet neighborhood roads, and with the exception of maybe 200 meters, we avoided the bike path altogether.  I didn't wear a watch, I wasn't out there for time or pace, and there was a super nice group to socialize with.  I highly recommend the Monday night 6:30pm Tri360 run if you are looking a group to join.  After the run I biked to the pool at Washington-Lee and did the WHOLE swim workout (Do you SEE that JennyParkerHarrison!!??).  Including the IM sets (they got Uuuu-gly by the end).  I'm discovering that I like IM, INCLUDING fly.  I never thought I would say that, but I just did.  I Like Fly.  Backstroke is coming around too.  After the pool, Mr. Sweetie came and picked me up.  At this point it was 9:30pm and I was tired and hungry and VERY intent on getting home.  So much so that I almost forgot my bike at the pool.  I remembered it as we were pulling out of the parking lot.

Now I am here.  Blogging.  Eating apple pie.  In my still-damp swimsuit I never bothered to change out of.  

Can I just say that I'm a little disappointed in our dog.  For the past 2.5 years I've always thought that his excitement on our arrival home was genuine excitement TO SEE US.  But today we've discovered that it's really just excitement that we're home to open the bedroom door so he can laze around on the bed.  This morning when I got up and did TRX, Miles laid on the bed the whole time.  He didn't bother to come down and keep me company, which is a little unusual.  I think the trip to Eastern Market and Clarendon yesterday did him in.  So I took pity on him and left the bedroom door open when I left for work so he could sleep on the bed if he wanted (we never do this - last time he was loose in the bedroom he chewed up half my wardrobe, I kid you not.  Granted he was a 6 month old puppy, but I've never trusted him in there by himself since then).  Mr. Sweetie got home from work this evening and came in the house and Miles didn't even bother to get off the bed to greet him.  He wasn't excited at all.  Why should he be - he had the bed all day, which is apparently all he needs to feel fulfilled in life.  Lazy pup.


Beth said...

ooh, strokes other than free! Fly is actually quite refreshing after months and months of distance freestyle.

B.o.B. said...

1. Your sched is exhausting. No wonder you over slept! Sheesh! I feel like a schlub now. LOL!

2. Was is crack that you drizzled? That seems tasty. ;)

3. (Since you're also friends with Katie I figure these remarks are acceptable.

4. I'm super jealous you all celebrated this super awesome pirate day at your job.

Caroline said...

@Beth - not growing up as a swimmer, ANY progress I make (progress = liking other strokes) is definitely a victory.

@Beth - Monday was DEFINITELY (and luckily) an anomaly! I had an unexpected AM bike commute today, but opted to leave the bike at work overnight. Haha, all remarks are acceptable :) Sadly cannot give out the secret ingredient (though I am sure my Mother will want me to confirm that crack is not one of the ingredients in her apple pie - though they are THAT good)