08 September 2012

It's Hot in Here!

So it's hot here in Vegas. Sort of feels like being back in Burkina. The heat has made me rethink my goals a bit. Rather than trying to go as fast as I can, it's going to be all about racing smart and not ending up as a puddle of sweat on the run course.

The bike course is super pretty, winding through the Red hills surrounding Lake Mead. It's hilly and challenging and honest. The temps were over 100 degrees while i was driving the bike course and there was no shade. I've been drinking a ton of water but feel like i will never be fully hydrated. I dont think the New Englander in me is cut out for the desert. Nationals was a humbling experience and I fully expect Worlds to be the same way. It's an honor just to be here.

And can we talk about how many fit people are running around here?! Its hard not to silently compare yourself to every tiny girl who walks by you with zero percent body fat and who probably doesn't even know what chocolate is. But I just need to remind myself that tinier isn't necessarily better. And really, what is the point of making comparisons? I went to the Whole Foods today And they had run out of bagels. The store was absolutely overrun with triathletes in sweaty spandex. Speaking of dressing like a triathlete-I'm actually trying to do more of that. I wore workout shorts and a sports bra and tank top all day. I used to go to races and drop my bike off while wearing a dress. No more. I'm embracing the spandex and dressing for comfort. And to look like I belong.


Melissa said...

Your competition with fall in this heat, but I'd you embrace it you have that advantage! It's not cool and easy in DC, you're ready! You have this!

The Miller Family said...

GO CAROLINE!!! Have a fanstastic time and enjoy the experience....ps Aly would love you as a mom since she is always telling me not to pick her up at the bus stop in running clothes!o