20 February 2013

Soon I'm going to have to walk through doorways sideways

Today was a first - a double swim day! I've had double run days before but never a double swim. While neither swim session was ridiculously long by itself, put together they were more than enough to leave me STARVING for dinner by the end of the day and tired (in a fulfilled way). I don't think I timed my afternoon nutrition of a banana and peanut butter quite correctly, as I was hungry and bonking halfway through my second swim. I'd love to see another double swim day show up in Training Peaks (hint, hint, Jen!). I feel like I'm going to sleep really well tonight.

So about a year ago I wrote a post on body image. The whole idea of a triathlete's body being different than a runner's body came to mind again yesterday. I (unsuccessfully) tried on one of my button-down short sleeve work shirts purchased back when I was just a runner. My arms looked like sausages in the shirt and I was pretty sure I was going to pop the buttons off the sleeves. This is the first time I really and truly could not fit into a shirt. I think this is probably due to the fact that I'm swimming more now than I was a year ago and I'm not skipping TRX workouts. All good things, but darn I really liked that pink shirt. I'm also surprised at how my body shape continues to change, even though I've been doing triathlons since 2007. Oh, and Monday the lining to another work skirt bit the dust. Blame it on the TRX lunges and time spent on the trainer? It can't be the chocolate since that's a nonexistent part of my life right now (thank you Lent).

I signed up for the Rev3 Quassy half ironman this week - it was on pace to sell out and I didn't want my procrastination to wreak havoc on my race schedule. Now I need to sign up for the Monticelloman Oly and the Kinetic half ironman. I'm so excited for race season. Training has been going more smoothly this year than it has in previous years, it's as though a switch has flipped in my head and I don't find myself waking up in the morning trying to make excuses on why I should push my workout off until the evening. This has resulted in much more productive mornings, evenings that are less busy, and I'm generally in a better mood. I always am when I do at least one of my workouts in the morning before work.  

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Becca said...

Kinetic Half is going to be my first ever Half IM :)
Oh, and my first real triathlon, too.
I noticed yesterday there are only about 300 spots left!