27 February 2013

Spring is in the Air

Growing up in New England, summer was - hands down - my favorite season. There were only a handful of days each summer that were unbearably hot, school was out, there were always multiple trips to the beach, swimming in friends' pools, etc etc etc. I couldn't understand how anyone could have a favorite season that wasn't summer.

And then I moved to DC. I still love summer - who couldn't love the season that lets you swim outdoors in a 50m pool while the sun rises and then bike to work still soaked from swim practice. But spring has become my new favorite season down here. In New England, spring is marked by a couple warm days interrupted by snow, MUD SEASON, and consistent warm weather doesn't settle in until sometime in mid-to-late May and by then it is practically time for summer to roll in. But here in DC, spring arrives early in comparison - like March. There isn't such a thing as mud season, and once the warm weather starts to move in, it is usually here to stay.

And then there are the Cherry Blossoms:

While the cherry blossoms haven't bloomed yet for the year, there are some other signs that spring is coming. On the metro today, I saw an ad for the Crystal City Friday Night 5k series that begins in April. The Rock and Roll DC marathon/half marathon is in just a few short weeks (last year it was close to 80 degrees during the race). The weather was on the warmer side today and I didn't have a jacket for my commute home, nor did I miss it. The sun is setting closer to 6pm than 5pm, stores are stocked with Easter candy, and I'm starting to think about bike commuting in to work in the near future. I'm also super antsy for race season to start up. All good things.

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The Miller Family said...

one word.....mini eggs...that is the sure sign of spring