01 February 2013

Weekly Wrap-up!

I don't even know where this week went. This week was busy at work, all in a good way. Every day I went home feeling pretty satisfied with my day. I ended up working a few hours longer each day than usual, but I still managed to get all of my workouts in. This was mainly due to getting my workouts done in the AM, especially on days which I knew would be late ones at the office. On Thursday I almost slept in a little bit and considered pushing my bike ride to the evening, but when I got home from work after 9pm, I was pretty glad I sucked it up and got my trainer ride over with earlier in the day.

I did two run commutes to work this week from the pool - I have been making a ton of use of the Blue Seventy Brick Bag that I bought earlier this winter, I can fit toiletries and work clothes and even a small lunch/snack in the bag and it's still comfortable to run while wearing it. The first one was on Wednesday when the weather was beautiful, warm, and kind of humid. It was a shorts and t-shirt kind of day and a completely enjoyable commute. Bonus points that I ran into one of our friends in the middle of DC - Kym and Mr. Sweetie grew up across the street from each other out in California. During my run I had actually been thinking about Kym and how we've been meaning to get together for dinner and how I should send her a FB message to set something up, so the fact that we bumped into each other just a few minutes later on a random street made my day. DC is a small-town city and I love it.
The second run commute was today, sub-freezing temperatures and snow on the ground from the snow squall that came through while I was at the pool. Even though the sidewalks were icy in a few places, it was a quick commute in (thank goodness for the decent downhill down to Rosslyn and flat the rest of the way to the office). By the time I got to work the sun was out, snow was blowing around, and it was a beautiful day. Things were even better when I got into the office and saw an abundance of my favorite flavor of bagel in the office kitchen. SO GOOD.

This morning's swim was NOT quite was I had hoped for. At least in terms of IM. Every time I think I'm becoming a pretty stellar swimmer, a pretty good smack of reality comes flying down the pipeline to remind me that I have a loooong way to go. On Wednesday night it was reading the winning splits of some of the high school swimmers in the local meet (their 100yd time is like my 50yd time - WHO swims that fast and how can I do that??!!). And today it was the fact that I couldn't get my arms and shoulders out of the water during fly and felt like I was sinking. Maybe I was just tired, but I felt like a lump on a log in the pool during my IM sets. Boooo.

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