01 October 2013

Ciao Bella Settembre

Another month down and we are THAT much closer to it being socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music!

This month was full of good things, no - GREAT things.

Weddings. September is the month of loooove for sure. Mr. Sweetie and my wedding anniversary weekend in Vegas was bookended by weddings on the previous following weekends. My friends Tim and Tyler got married in Massachusetts Labor Day weekend. Tim is my best friend's brother and I adore their family and it was such a pleasure and honor to share in their celebrations. My goddaughter was the most adorable flower girl in the world (and I am not biased) and my favorite part of the evening was when she was tired at the end of the evening and snuggled up next to me and fell asleep. I don't get to see her often because we don't live close by, and it means that much more that she remembers me and knows who I am and feels comfortable enough with me. Melt my heart. Tim and Tyler's wedding was so fun and it was so wonderful to see Erin and Ashley and her parents and spend some time with Tim and Tyler. The middle of September brought my friends' Kristin and Chris' wedding up in Lake Placid, NY. Their wedding was so sweet and heartfelt. It was also a triathlete's paradise with a group run the morning of the wedding. Mr. Sweetie and I also did some hiking and Miles got some swim time at Mirror Lake.

Fall Cleaning. With us being out of town so much in September, dog hair tumbleweeds had taken over the house. And my closet was a complete and total disaster (actually, disaster does not even cut it). I spent an entire Sunday purging my closet of styles of the early 2000s (tube tops are no longer in style - and they are absolutely not in style for anyone over 30). It has been about a week and my closet and room are still organized so we'll see how long we can keep the streak alive.

Back on the training wagon. I took a day off after Vegas and then eased my way back into training. I pretty much had a choice of ending my season post-Vegas or getting my rear in gear and actually do the training as it was assigned, on the days it was assigned, and do it right, rather than just doing what I felt like doing. I chose the latter and things have been going well, I'm enjoying the training, and I'm excited for Beach 2 Battleship at the end of October.

Baking. Fall means loads of apple pie. So far we're averaging about 1 pie a week. I also found this yummy dessert in Food and Wine magazine. I'm not a vanilla ice cream person, but boy does it go well with maple bourbon banana pudding (we used rum instead of bourbon, just as tasty). It's also super fast. And I know mac and cheese doesn't really count as baking (though you do broil it in the oven for a few minutes) but we found a really good mac and cheese recipe too.

Fall weather. This has been the nicest September weather that I can remember. Not super hot, low humidity, sun, basically it just makes you want to be outside. I can't remember the last time I used the trainer and it's OCTOBER.

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