08 October 2013

Houston, We Have... A Bed.

Today was an easy-ish day of workouts. I somehow popped out of bed at 4:50am and hit the trail with Mr. Sweetie at 5am for an easy 30 minute run. We haven't run together in ages, certainly not before work, and it was a great way to start the day. It was dark during the whole run so I couldn't see my pace on the Garmin, which ended up being a good thing because I listened to my body and ran at a pace that felt easy and didn't let my ego get in the way and push for a faster pace.

Then it was an extended bike commute to work, with some intervals mixed in. The real story is that DC really seems to be taking this whole shutdown shebang seriously. Last week the Park police halfheartedly put up barriers to Hains Point, West Potomac Park, along the Mall, and it was easy to squeeze a bike between the barriers and go on my merry way. The traffic-free roads were like the silver lining to this ridiculous shutdown. But now even that has changed - the Park Police mean business. I saw like 5 cars patrolling West Potomac Park and the Hains Point gates in the 30 minutes I was tooling around there this morning. They gates aren't just shut and locked, they've also strewn police tape DO NOT CROSS between the gates and nearby trees the way high schoolers might toilet paper someone's yard. And along the mall, they've now pushed the barriers together and added some traffic cones for extra fun. But still people skirt around them because it is better (and safer) than biking on Pennsylvania Ave, Independence, or Constitution.

Oh, the other big news of the day?
We have an actual real bed now - with a proper footboard and headboard and pretty detailing. Our room looks like adults inhabit it, not a poor college student sleeping on a metal frame and mattress. First we got rid of the tupperware dresser and now - a real bed! Progress. Miles is happy too. He was more than a little concerned this morning when, at 5:30am we returned from our run, kicked him off the bed and promptly took it apart in prep for the new bed's arrival in the afternoon.

Forlorn. Laying on the floor where the bed used to be. What have you guys DONE??
Relief. Thanks for the snazzy new bed guys! Maybe I'll let you join me on it sometime!
It's funny, as we picked out the bed in a dark color to match the frames on the wall and our dresser, I kept having visions run through my head of what I did to my parents' really nice bedroom furniture a few decades ago. I distinctly remember watching tv in their room one afternoon, probably in the summer since we weren't allowed to watch afternoon tv during the school year, and having the brilliant idea that I should decorate their furniture (dark wood ornate bed and dressers). I grabbed my mother's comb from her dresser and proceeded to etch M-O-M on ALL of her furniture. One letter for every dresser door. Huge letters on the footboard. Added some flair to the dresser drawers. Just to, you know, remind her this was her furniture, in case she forgot.

My fingers are crossed, but I'm pretty sure karma will bite me in the butt (or pretty, pretty footboard) when we have kids.

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B.o.B. said...

I love Miles. Cannot wait to meet him!

So weird with the streets closed I bet. And sad.

Your poor mom. Did you get in trouble?