07 October 2013

Putting the miles in Miles

Mr. Sweetie has taken up running again and guess who has been roped into being his loyal running partner - Miles. For the most part, I think Miles enjoys it. He gets some one-on-one time with his favorite guy and gets a chance to sniff around the bike path for a few miles. We've only discovered one problem with this running arrangement. Miles is not a morning pup. At. All. I mean, he's fine with going out for a jaunt at 7am on the weekends. But this morning when Mr. Sweetie tried to drag him off the bed at 4:45am for a run before work - heck no! Miles started doing body flings and contortions to stay on the bed, all while half asleep. It took me (half asleep myself and wanting to stay in dreamland for at least another hour) giving him a not so gentle shove with my foot together him up and at 'em (Miles' whole aversion to feet is good for something). Eventually Mr. Sweetie wrangled Miles out the door and they had a great pre-dawn run together. Afterwards Miles proceeded to crawl back into our bed post-run and he retired to bed tonight at 8:30. We might be onto something when it comes to tiring out our high energy pup!


B.o.B. said...

Lol! So awesome that he wanted to sleep. I know that feeling! Lloyd looks at me like I'm insane when I get up that early.

Caroline said...

I think he is still tired - he went to bed at 8:30 again tonight! PS - I love that your dog's name is Lloyd! It's just so cute!