14 September 2009

110 mile training ride and... IM MOOOOO signup!

Yesterday was my 110 mile training ride out by the Eastern Shore in Maryland - a flat, flat ride, mimicking what it should be like at Ironman Florida. It was a little rough getting out there on time - I got a little lost in SE and NE DC in my hunt for Route 50. But I eventually found my way, arriving in my true style of 45 minutes late. Fortunately for me, Bryan, Pete and Amanda were also arriving late so I had people to ride with. The ride was super easy in terms of directions - no turns after the first two miles, just head straight until the road ends at the water in 27 miles. Then turn around and go back to the car. And repeat one more time. Throw in a little 2 mile out-and-back and you have yourself 110 miles! I was riding basically by myself for the first 54 miles, it felt windy on the way out so I kept telling myself that the ride back would be GREAT with a tailwind. And somehow, the ride back was ALSO in the wind. But I did notice that there were times in which things felt easier and then felt tougher, so it wasn't a total headwind or tailwind either time. I was able to average 19.1 mph for the first 54 mile loop so I was pretty thrilled about that. The second loop I average about 18.5. I rode with a new Z'r, Adriana, who just joined the team last month. I'm not much of a talker when it comes to riding, I just like to put my head down and go, especially when I'm trying to keep a particular pace, but I actually really enjoyed chatting with Adriana and it made the ride go by super fast. As she was talking about the non-profit her and her husband started (High Cloud Foundation - www.highcloud.org), I felt like I had heard of it before. Turns out I had, the December 2008 issue of Runners World did a feature article on them. It's a great cause - they use sports as a means to raise awareness and funds to help battle poverty in developing nations across the world. I was really impressed with all that her and her husband had accomplished - and they are my age!

I ate my weight in food after the bike ride, I was craving fruit towards the end. I also wanted gnocchi (that was for you, Chelsea) but unfortunately Whole Foods shot down that dream by not having any in stock and I was stuck with ravioli instead.

I began putting my hope for two Ironmans in motion for 2010 today... by signing up for Ironman Wisconsin - to be held on 12 Sep 09!!! Team Z is doing it, it should be loads of fun, and I'm absolutely thrilled! I'm also tentatively planning on doing Ironman France next June. The only thing standing in the way would be financial feasibility. But I think if we save enough, it should be possible.

And now, to bed - so I can wake up for swim tomorrow.

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Tricia said...

Congrats on a good ride and for signing up for IM Wisconsin! You go girl!