29 September 2009

Last Big Build before the Big Race

October is almost here. I'm a little more than one month out from Ironman Florida. Now that Savageman is over, I don't have to bike another hill again until next year if I so choose! I've actually heard that trainer rides aren't going to be detrimental in terms of training for Florida because that race is so flat. I know alot of people hate the trainer, but I actually rather enjoy it - I think I've done more long rides on my trainer than outdoors this summer. There's less likelihood of me falling off my bike on the trainer (a fear of mine out on the open road - I'm rather good at falling off my bike, especially at inopportune times), I get to watch tv guilt-free, and food, bathrooms, and water are always just a few steps away - there's alot less preparation that goes into a trainer ride than an outdoor ride.

So, speaking of trainers, I rode mine for an hour tonight, in Zone 2, and felt pretty good. I really struggled on Sunday to make myself stay on the trainer for 45 minutes on Sunday, mentally I just wasn't in the mood to ride at all on Sunday; fortunately today was much better and went by much faster. I even managed to get up for swim practice this morning - AMAZING! I actually enjoyed what we did, no speedwork (yay, love Tuesdays!), and good people in my lane. Swam a total of 2650 yards during the hour practice. I love the feeling when I am done swimming - your shoulders and back are sore (in a good way), you're hungry like you really deserve a good meal, and with the days getting shorter, by the time I leave the gym it's still dark out so I feel like I really got a jump on the day.

With less than 40 days between me and Ironman Florida, the last big workouts will be in the next couple of weeks and then it's taper time! Some days I feel like I'm in better shape than last year, some days hmmmmmm, not so much. Savageman this year - 20 minutes faster than last year - I think my biking has really improved. Army Ten Miler this coming Sunday - I dont' feel nearly as quick on my feet this year as I did last year. I haven't been doing as much speedwork as I should - I took it easy with running these past few weeks because of a cold and because I pulled a calf muscle (from dancing at a wedding, of all things!). I don't think I have a bat's chance in hell of breaking my best time of last year. Add to that the fact that I have a 100+ mile bike ride and a nice run the day before the race, I think the Army Ten Miler is going to be just another training day for me. But to spice it up and add some fun, my best friend from high school, Katie, and her boyfriend Kevin, are coming down to do the race and stay with us! I'm so excited to see them (and not so excited to clean the house, but that's also something that has to be done anyway and what better kick in the butt than not wanting your friends to know you live in a pigsty!)

In other fun news, Mark and I now have a contract on a townhouse near Columbia Pike and 4 Mile Run, literally a stone's throw from the bike path. We will become the proud owners on 13 November - literally five years and one day after Mark and I had our first date, AWWWW!

Off to bed, let's see if I can get up in time to run at the track - ha!

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