03 December 2009

Random Musings...

With my papers still hanging over my head, training isn't going to be happening anytime soon. I'll make it out for a run or two this weekend, maybe hop on the trainer, but I haven't set foot in my running shoes since last Saturday and I'm actually okay with that. Sooooo, that said, there is NOTHING new to report on the training front because, ummmm, I'm not doing ANYTHING!

When taking little breaks from slaving away at my SRPs, I like to surf iTunes for various songs I used to listen to in college. I listen to music on a daily basis now, but when I was in college, I listened to music ALL of the time. My boyfriend at the time was really into music (fortunately we had similar tastes) so I was constantly getting mix CDs and store-bought CDs, and listening to them 24/7. When I think of sophomore year, I think of The Corrs and Dave Matthews; junior year was French pop/rap, Justin Timberlake (thank you Erin!), Nelly and the Corrs; and senior year was Matt Nathanson, John Mayer, Amanda Marshall (I woke up with a snake tattoo!) and a whole bunch of songs from Dawsons Creek (blaming that on the 4 month 3 hour daily marathon of the show in Spring 2003 - thank goodness I didn't have morning classes that semester!). Thanks to Napster, I amassed a ton of songs on my laptop and many of them successfully made it onto various mix CDs I made during college. I had a small travel case for my favorite CDs, which included many of these mixes, and that travel case went EVERYWHERE with me - NH, Vermont, Europe, etc. I had a workout mix, a dance party mix, a sleep mix. My awesome best friend Erin made me a great mix CD for my bachelorette party a few years ago - I think she even put "Breathless" by the Corrs on there twice! Anyway, I listened to that sleep mix EVERY NIGHT when I was lived in Nice, France during the summer of 2002. Anytime I hear any of the songs that were on that CD, I immediately remember my dark, dark little studio apartment with a tiny window that faced a concrete wall, the Old Town, "pasta with lardons" (yup, just as unhealthy as it sounds), 79 cent wine, days at the beach, and my impoverished, yet happy and satisfied existence on the French Riviera. Unfortunately, that CD, along with many of my other great mix CDs that were kept in that travel case, disappeared sometime during one of my six moves in the past 5 years. So now I troll iTunes, trying to remember what songs I had on those CDs, and snatch them up when I'm feeling particularly frustrated or bored with my SRP-writing. I just found a few more long-lost songs, hence the memories and this post.

And back to the paper-writing I go!

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