14 December 2009


I'm stretching out the off-season even further. I'm still recovering from last week's marathon of 6 almost-all nighters in a row and the few days after the end of the semester are traditionally the few days where I do nothing but rot in front of the computer and tv. After two days of doing this, I feel absolutely gross and am more than happy to get back into a routine, but today was only day one of laziness. I don't think I'm going to the pool in the morning. Maybe I will run, but it's more likely that I will sleep.

I wasn't a complete waste of space this weekend though. I did an indoor triathlon up in Maryland with my old co-workers and came in 7th overall out of men and women and 2nd for women. I did surprisingly well on the bike. In the spin room they were showing the 2007 Hawaii Ironman and that was enough motivation right there - the 30 minutes on the bike flew by. The run and swim were not so painless, unfortunately. Brunch after the race made it all worth it. This was truly the last triathlon of 2009. Besides Ironman France and Ironman Wisconsin, I don't have anything else on my schedule. Better start planning!

Off to bed, I've watched 5 straight hours of tv. GROSS!

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Kathy said...

Ack! You deserve some laziness. Sounds like a wild month you've had. Rest up!