09 December 2009

Trading workout clothes for pajamas

For the last I-don't-know-how-many-days I have gotten home from work, immediately changed into my pajamas, pink sweatshirt, and ugly brown sweater (much cheaper to layer up than turn up the heat now that our living space has expanded beyond two rooms), and sat down in the guest bedroom and written my SRPs (substantial research project - code for capstone papers) for HOURS. I am itching (literally - thank you school-induced hives) to reach the day where I again put on my workout clothes after work and let a swim, bike or run royally kick my butt. And you know what - this day is literally hours away. Like, less than 48 hours away. I gave a presentation on one of my SRPs today (Community role in reintegration of youth ex-combatants in Uganda and Sierra Leone) and it went fairly well. The questions people asked pointed out some items I may want to expand on/improve on my paper. And while waiting for Mark to get out of class and pick me up from campus, some of my alt-break Nepal buddies and I got together and reminisced about the amazing trip we took six months ago. Everything from the jungle dance party (awesome) to carsickness during 9 hour van rides on mountain roads (not so awesome) to our Nepali guides and friends Soucil ("I have nothing negative to report"), Sanu ("This is the best ever time of my life), Hari and Krishna (yes, those are really their names and they were awesome), Rajan (Fantastic, OK?!) and Prakash (always on the search for a wife; he was in heaven surrounded by 9 college girls). I'm looking forward to having alot more time to devote to volunteering with the International Commission for Dalit Rights, Nepal was definitely a life-changing experience. Here are some pictures of the people who made our trip amazing.

DB, Soucil and Hari at a Buddhist temple in Lumbini.

Rajan and Prakash at Krishna's birthday dinner

Sanu, looking beautiful, says goodbye

Soucil and DB looking debonair in Kathmandu

Krishna and Prakash at the orphanage in the Terai

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