10 February 2012

Random Friday Facts - the travel edition

- I've been the cause of a missed flight once. NEVER AGAIN.

- Bumps in the air are OK but sudden drops are NOT, in my opinion.

- That can of Raid sitting in my hotel room, haven't had to use it yet.

- I've eaten alot of pasta and pizza and I'm still saving that apple.

- My hotel bathroom has a shower curtain. This may not seem like a novelty but believe me, in some countries, it is.

- Mr. Sweetie's goal this year - take a vacation with just me and NOT with my bike in tow.

- My Delta airline miles are the only ones I've been good about tracking and making sure I get the credit. I need to stop being lazy about my AA miles and Southwest miles.

- They speak about 69 different languages in Burkina Faso.

- I'm not good at packing light.

- I almost brought my yoga mat with me on this trip, but figured that was a bit excessive.

- I've never visited Australia, South America or Antarctica. Been to every other continent though.

- I'd never been west of the Mississippi until I was 23. And despite growing up in New Hampshire, I'd never been to Rhode Island until I was something like 27. And even then, it was only because I flew into the Providence airport.

- Judging from all the crowing late last night, the rooster outside my window has no concept of dawn.

- As much as I enjoy traveling, I enjoy returning home even more!


Katie said...

sudden drops = I'm convinced we're going to crash. the worst.

Caroline said...

Katie - YUP, that I me too. Completely ruins flying for me. Hate it.