21 February 2012

The Recovery Swim Set

This morning, like every Tuesday morning, was a swim morning. I didn't grow up a swimmer (unless you count dog paddling around your neighbor's pool with swimmies on a swim workout) and it used to be my least favorite leg of triathlon because I was so terrible at it. I'm still not great at swimming, but at least now I really enjoy it (mostly because I get to heckle my lanemates when they miss practice, kidding kidding!). I've got a long way to go in terms of figuring out proper body position, head position, arm position, elbow position, hip position, bellybutton position (okay, that is pushing it, but you get my point - I will never be a perfect swimmer, it is scientifically impossible). But you know what I think I finally mastered - the recovery swim set. No, I'm not talking about the full recovery swim workout - just the little set thrown in here and there to give some relief between those sets that get your blood pumping a little harder. When I first started showing up to swim practice, I would try to go as fast as I could on every. single. lap. Including the recovery sets (I am sure this drove my lanemates nuts). This would inevitably lead me to die a slow, painful death on the hard sets because I was so darn worn out from redlining it during the recovery sets. But not today. Today I relished in those 3x100 easy between those 750s that were anything but easy. Today I took my time. I took long strokes. I lackadaisically pushed off the wall (yes, I had to google the spelling of that word). I focused on form. I didn't want the recovery sets to end. They were heaven. More please!


ADC said...

You are a fish in my eyes.

Gina said...

Recovery swim sets rock!

Katie said...

ha, I used to do the opposite, only recovery swimming. :) or, "being lazy."

long riding this weekend, lemme know if you want to join! probably in the "mountains" of MD.

onthebusrunning said...

Nice! Out of the pool and on the roads, I've learned to relish not only the recovery between intervals but the slow jog of a 10-15 minute cool down after a long workout. So satisfying.

Caroline said...

@Angelina - with all the monster swim sets from Jen, I know you also realize the benefit of recovery sets. Those are the only things that keep me going through some of her sets!
@Gina - agree!!
@Katie - eh, whether it's recovery swimming or being lazy, at least we are out there and moving!
@Brad - I need to learn to embrace the cooldown sets/jogs, etc. I don't do it enough, always rushing to the next thing.